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YES! Here’s One of Racing’s Best Kept Secrets! You CAN make money from horse racing. More money than you have ever made in your life!


You can learn how to become a true professional punter in just a few weeks! And in the process you can make money from horse racing, more money than you have ever made in your life!

Imagine that!

In just a few short weeks you could be well on your way to enjoying a new and exciting lifestyle!

The lifestyle of a true racing professional!

A lifestyle of action, money and excitement!

A lifestyle where you work where and when you want!

In luxury at the track or in the comfort of your own home. It’s all tax free income and your mobile phone may be all the office you’ll ever need!

Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

And it is!

Looking for a get-rich-quick system? We’d like to say “Here it is!” But the reality is that success doesn’t happen overnight. Successful betting requires a degree of perseverance and motivation. We can supply the know how and put you on the right track but you must be prepared to put in some hard work. You are very welcome to browse these pages but if it’s a straight out gambling site you are after … we hope you’ll find one!

Because in establishing these exclusive learning Programs and Courses has provided a unique opportunity for anyone to acquire the skills of the true racing professional.

An opportunity to discover powerful betting techniques and money making strategies that work!

An opportunity for not be missed by anyone wanting to make money from horse racing!

Are you sick and tired of losing? Sick and tired of just gambling? Throwing your money away betting on horses that never even get close to winning?

Are you fed up with short priced favourites and those dismal TAB dividends?

And wondering just what you have to do to get value for your bets?

Well, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, that’s the norm for most punters.

Most punters just don't make money.

But here’s one of racing’s best kept secrets …

Now YOU can do something about it!

Now you have the means to make money!

Now YOU can become a skilled handicapper and form analyst no matter what your experience and make money, more money than you've ever made from racing.

And in the process enjoy an exciting adventure in the world of horse racing!

But before I go on and tell you how you can make money, let me ask you two questions.

But you must answer truthfully please.

Firstly, do you really win consistently?

And secondly, do you really know and understand about horse racing?

Now, I’ll bet you answered “No” to the last question. Most people do. And because you answered “No” then I know your answer to the first question was also “No”.

Because you just can’t win consistently unless you have a sound knowledge and understanding of horse racing and betting … and the skills to apply it in practice!

You just can't make money from racing until you have that knowledge and understanding.

But don’t be disappointed.

Help is at hand.

You CAN gain that knowledge and understanding. And gain enough knowledge and understanding to make money consistently from racing.

And you can do it fairly quickly.

I know that’s a bold claim but anyone prepared to make the effort can reach a professional level … and do it in just a few weeks.

But in order to do so you must first understand something very important about racing!

97% of all punters lose … and lose consistently!

But then you knew that …

but here’s something that may surprise you …

Nine out of ten horses that YOU put your money on CANNOT WIN!

I’ll tell you why later but here’s more.

Most punters have one thing in common …

When it comes to horse racing they don’t really know too much about it. They just don't know how to make money. Their betting has no real strategy. It’s just gambling!

Most punters bet from race to race and usually end up betting on the favourite. That can be fun but it doesn't make money. It won’t make you wealthy.

You just can't make money consistently that way.

And if they use any sort of method at all it’s most likely a tired old system. Something that never worked when it was invented way back in the last century and certainly doesn’t work now! It just doesn't make money.

Sure, you hear about their big wins occasionally. About that big Melbourne Cup win back in the 80s. Or about landing that big trifecta dividend years ago.

But what you don’t hear about are the losses!

Or that they had to back a dozen horses to get that one winner!

Why do punters behave like this? To understand such behaviour we need to know a little about human nature.

But what we do know is that statistics tell us 97% of all punters lose and lose consistently.

If they didn’t there would be no horse racing!

Because the racing industry can only survive if the majority of punters lose!

But you don’t have to be one of them!

I’m sure you have heard sayings like this: never bet on a horse racing first up from a spell! Or, never bet on three year old horses. And, never bet on any horse starting from a barrier wider than 12.

And so on.

This is all complete nonsense. Horse racing just isn’t governed by silly clichés like these.

Each horse and every race must be treated individually and on merit.

No wonder these punters miss out on many winners.

No wonder they lose again and again!

No wonder they don't make money!

Ignore those pieces of so called betting wisdom because there’s little truth to them.

In fact, they are almost designed to ensure you lose ... designed so you do not make money from racing.

To win at racing ... to make money ... you must do something different from that 97% of losing punters!

You must go you own way!

Do your own thing!

Learn how to pick winners yourself … independently, effectively and successfully!

Sounds great!

But just how do I do that I hear you ask?

Professionals, in fact all successful punters, those that actually make money from racing, also have one thing in common.

And this sets them apart from the 97% of losing punters, no matter how much they win or lose.

Actually, it’s two things:


That is, a horse racing education on and the knowledge of how to use it!

How do they win?

How do they make money?

How do professional punters make money?

How do they manage to survive year in year out?

Well, it’s not because they have some connection with racing or access to inside information, but because they understand about racing and why horses win!

They understand about things that count! Like form and fitness, pace and distance, sectional times, barrier positions, class differences, how the jockey makes a difference and so on.

They understand how to make money from racing.

They don’t just know about these things, they understand them and know how to use them to help predict the outcome of a race!

So to answer your question on how you can learn to pick winners and begin to make money … what you have to do is learn enough about horse racing, that is, to acquire a racing education, to put yourself above the 97% of losing punters.

And when you learn those same skills that the other 3% of punters have …

the professionals …

then you will be betting on winning horses more often and at better value.

You really will be betting horses to win!

You really will begin to make money!

In the process you will not only gain an enormous amount of enjoyment and personal satisfaction you’ll put yourself in a position to reap huge financial rewards.

In fact, you’ll begin to make money, more money from racing than you ever made in your life!

The whole process is called smart handicapping. It’s very effective and it works. It’s not difficult to master for those prepared to make the effort but you have to learn it from the start.

You have to serve your apprenticeship.

So how can you gain that knowledge and skill?

How can you join the professionals … the smart handicappers and apply their strategies to your betting and start to make money?

And do it with more fun and enjoyment than you ever thought possible?

How can you develop the skills and strategies to get more winners consistently and make money, more money from racing than you ever made in your life?

You can do it with our help

Professional Punting in Action has the professional strategies to get you many long priced winners.

Again and again.

Proven strategies! can help get you there. can provide you with the education and the know how.

You add the enthusiasm and motivation and you’re on your way ... on your way to make money.

We will take you from the LEARNING to the EARNING!

And we will do it with supervision and professional guidance. When you apply the techniques and strategies that we make available to you, you will be in total control!

No more media tipsters!

No more short priced favourites!

No more low priced dividends!

No more uncertainty!

Can you imagine what a buzz you would get when you back your own big winner at double figure odds?

How it would boost your bank?

What would your friends say when you come home with a fistful of money? Imagine what your wife or partner would say.

It would blow them away!

You’d be a legend!

Our programs and courses are not widely advertised or promoted.

They’re very exclusive and probably one of racing’s best kept secrets. We have taught many people how to make money from horse racing because our products have been carefully structured to include strategies and practical betting material to form complete packages.

You will be amazed and delighted with the dynamics of these products and with the exclusive and powerful information they contain. They’re packed with simple, ingenious strategies and winning techniques that will:

  • make it easy for you to spot improving horses and likely winners.
  • show you which horses and races to avoid.
  • reveal secrets of form that will point you to many long priced winners.
  • reveal what you must do to get top prices for your selections.
  • show you how to pick winning horses consistently.
  • change your outlook on racing forever.
  • give you the confidence to support your selections with hard cash!

They are packed full of easy to understand information and powerful techniques used by successful punters. Information and strategies that have stood the test of time.

Information and strategies that will help you make money from racing.

It takes the knowledge and experience of professionals and combines them into very impressive and comprehensive packages. Without a doubt they will save you years and years of costly trial and error betting.

Think about it! Makes sense doesn’t it?

So what does all this really mean for you …

You may not be aware of it but there are many professionals and semi professionals out there. They don’t attract attention with huge plunges or flamboyant betting styles but they do make money. Most work quietly away in a professional manner extracting a small share of the millions of dollars circulating in the racing industry.

And … can help you become one of them!

Or you can just enhance your betting skills to make money, just a little money to perhaps back up your current income as a semi professional.

The techniques revealed in our material have been used to make money by professionals for decades.

These are genuine educational products that are now turning many punters just like you into regular winners. They have been designed to give you a complete range of professional skills .

And they do does just that.

We will show you how to eliminate guesswork, how to make profitable, sensible and flexible betting decisions and how to style your betting like a professional. We will give you a thorough understanding of racing and betting in Australia.

In just a few weeks you’ll be betting like a real professional and probably making money long before you complete the last lesson.

We have received many letters of praise from happy and satisfied students over the years. They are all genuine and held on file. You’ll find a few of them throughout these pages … and there’s many more.

Now let me ask you something:

  • How much longer are you going to continue to lose money betting?
  • How much longer are you going to continue to bet on horses with no chance of winning?
  • How much longer are you going to throw your money away?
  • How much longer are you going to fall for the media hype and those TAB sucker bets?
  • How much longer are you going to blindly follow the punting masses?

You don’t really have to do any of it at all … you can start to make money from racing … more than you have ever made from racing in your life!

BUT what’s really in it for me?

Well, it’s one way to end you losing days at the races. You’ll develop lifelong skills and expertise. Vital knowledge and ability to make money,serious money, from racing! And you don’t have to give up your job.

You can just back up your existing income as a semi professional and enjoy the racing lifestyle! Here are just some of the real benefits you’ll gain:

  • Professional skills and expertise.
  • Respect and admiration from your friends and other punters.
  • The potential to make more money than you’ve made in your life.
  • A new career or just back up you present job and income.
  • More enjoyment of racing and an insight into the true nature of winning.
  • Satisfaction of succeeding in the tough world of racing.
  • The chance to live a lifestyle most people only dream of.
  • The excitement of being on long priced winners that you selected yourself.
  • Never again have to rely on tipsters or media selections.
  • Ability to select long priced winners.
  • Spot the false favourites that sneak by everyone else.
  • Identify frontrunners.
  • Tell exactly how each horse will run the race.
  • You’ll make independent selections free of any outside influence.
  • The opportunity to make serious money from racing.

Not to mention status, respect and reputation.

When your friends recognise your skills and knowledge they will seek out your opinion on racing.

In fact, one student in New Zealand who’s doing very well wrote and told me the punters at his local TAB would follow him around each meeting to see what horse he puts his money on. Then they would all rush the ticket windows to get on the same horse.

Sounds like something from a movie doesn’t it?

But it’s true.

One more important thing to consider …

You may ask why you need anything like this at all.

Or why you can’t simply read a book about handicapping, learn by experience, join a rating service or buy a system?

These are common questions people ask and in truth you CAN do all those things.

But experience is a hard and costly teacher and you may NEVER get it right. It could take the rest of your life to master the intricate art of handicapping and professional punting on your own.

You can’t ask a book questions about things you don’t understand.

And systems and rating services promise much but deliver little. Little in the way of how to actually make money from racing.

I said earlier that nine out of ten horses that you bet on just cannot win.

Well, here’s why.

If you’re like most punters you just don’t have enough time to study form and I mean to really study form.

To handicap a race properly can sometimes take hours. So what you are actually doing is playing right into the hands of the TAB, the media, the bookies and the State Government revenue boffins.


Well, the only real option you end up with is to support the media favourite and accept sub standard prices.

If you’re not supporting the favourite, and it’s often a false favourite, then it’s a horse you heard a whisper about, or have sentimental feelings for, or maybe it’s just a hunch.

But most punters simply cannot leave a race alone and they bet just for the sake of having a bet. There’s just no scientific justification for you to place that bet and you are just relying on luck. You may land an occasional winner but in the long run your winning average is going to be very poor. You just won't make money.

Unless your horse is very lucky during the running, and it has to be able to win the race in the first place, then 9 out of 10 horses you put your money on just cannot win.

They cannot win because of some negative factor.

Some negative factor that is quite obvious but which you don’t have the experience to detect.

Some negative factor like …

Being outclassed, not suited to the race distance, unable to handle the barrier position, facing stronger competition, unsuited to conditions, carrying too much weight, not race fit and so on. The list is endless.

Why bet on certain losers?

Why throw your money away?

You can learn to identify those negative factors.

You can learn to avoid the losers!

You can learn to bet on winners!

And betting will show you how!

Now, you can do all the study you like but how do you actually put it into practice?

How can you be sure what you learn will really improve your betting and financial situation?

The truth is you can’t be sure.

But if you can’t make it with our help - with the information and guidance we offer - then chances are you’ll never make it!

Now unlike other racing products you may have bought in the past our products have a built in safeguard to ensure you have every chance to succeed.

It’s our unlimited support and intensive assistance backup service.

A lifetime of help and assistance that I’ll tell you more about later.

And if you are not winning now … you’ve nothing to lose!

Now back to the guarantee? This is where it gets better because you just can’t lose.

But let’s be realistic.

We cannot guarantee your financial success.

Nobody can do that in any business venture or investment.

Most guarantees simply aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. But we offer something more concrete and it’s in writing. Something more like a warranty. A twofold warranty!

Firstly, I personally guarantee that if you complete any of our Courses and Programs and put the techniques and strategies into practice within the next 12 months and do not honestly think you have gained the professional expertise to make more money from racing than you’ve ever made in your life, then I’ll refund every cent you paid for the program. You can find out more about the guarantee later.

And I don’t even know your capabilities so how’s that for confidence in a product?

Secondly, there’s a pledge from us to ensure your satisfaction. An insurance against you not liking our material or being dissatisfied with the package when you receive it.

You are probably asking “Can I return it?” Yes, you can but as you would expect there are conditions. These conditions are not hidden in any fine print. They're clearly set out in the Product Disclosure Statement for each product. Make sure you read it.

Although soley an online business is subject to the provisions of the Fair Trading Act in New South Wales and as such has similar obligations under reciprocal legislation in the other States of Australia and overseas.

So you've no need to worry.

But we’re not in this business to rip you off! We have a reputation to uphold and are absolutely certain you will be satisfied with this program.

Remember, we cannot guarantee your financial success, but then, who can?

But we’re confident you’ll never even consider a refund.

Because if you really want to learn about racing and make money you won’t find a better product. Once you start working your way through this program you will realise it’s true value.

And once you start applying these ingenious, proven techniques and strategies you’ll begin to make money, more money from racing than you have ever made before in your life!

Support and assistance unmatched by any other racing service!

I’ve mentioned our back up service earlier.

We want you to succeed.

To become a professional!

To make money from racing!

And we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve that goal.

But to a large extent it’s up to you. We can provide you with training, information, skills, strategies and betting methods but in the end, like most things, it comes down to you and your resolve to succeed.

But we want to be sure you have every opportunity.

So we have established several open channels to provide you with quick and easy access. In each package you’ll find a Support Module with complete access details. Our postal address, your personal monitoring system, telephone number, fax number, our email address, contact names and our preferred method of contact.

And there’s more.

We’ll provide you with a lifetime of support, intensive assistance and unlimited access our resources. Our extensive reference library, Internet resources, our professional racing consultants and our contacts within the racing industry.

You can ask questions, seek general information about racing, gain assistance with lesson material, help with betting, advice and research. Question and Information Sheets are included and are specifically designed for this purpose.

This all means you will be able to contact us at any time for any reason even after you have completed a course or program. Our experience has found that students progress better with someone to contact when they don’t understand a specific aspect of racing, especially beginners who often feel abandoned after purchasing racing products.

So although there is no pressure from us … we won’t be on your back asking for Revision papers or such … we’ll be in the background, there whenever you need us.

A complete range of back up services and support unmatched by any other racing service.

Isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for?

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to move on this incredibly unique opportunity?

Don't you think it's time you started to make money from racing?

Make a positive decision NOW to move towards a secure future.

Do nothing and in 12 months you will still be one of the 97% of losing punters.

Click on the links below to find out more about our Programs and Courses.

Do it NOW and you will have seized a rare opportunity to make money from racing …

More money than you ever made in your life!

Professional Punting in Action

A dynamic, structured program designed to develop your handicapping and form analysis skills to a professional level.

This is one of racings best kept secrets! An exciting Program that will take you to a professional level! One that will provide YOU with the potential to make money from racing, more money than you have ever made in your life!

It’s more than a selection method or a home study course. It’s a complete program that will take you …


Professional Punting in Action is a very exclusive product! Carefully structured to include advanced strategies and practical, hands-on betting material. A complete professional program to help you make money from racing.

You will be amazed and delighted with the dynamics of this program and with the exclusive and powerful information it contains. It’s packed with simple, ingenious strategies and winning techniques that will change your outlook on racing forever and

Professional Punting in Action contains easy to understand information and techniques used by successful punters. Information and strategies that have stood the test of time. It takes the knowledge and experience of professionals and combines them into one very impressive and comprehensive package.

It will save you years and years of costly trial and error betting.

Professional Punting in Action will show you how to eliminate guesswork, how to make profitable, sensible and flexible betting decisions and how to style your betting like a professional. It gives you a thorough understanding of racing and betting in Australia.

In just a few weeks you’ll be betting like a real professional and probably making money long before you complete the program.

Professional Punting in Action is a formal, structured learning program, 100% Australian and covering all aspects of racing and betting. It’s not a system!

You’ll use the knowledge gained in this Program to make your own selections. Independently, confidently and professionally …

and you’ll love it!



Click here for Professional Punting in Action

The Racing and Betting Course

Here’s a genuine opportunity to learn all about horse racing.

Right from the beginning!

From the hoof beats to the big dividends!

From the barrier stalls to the winning post!

Imagine yourself as a successful punter! Consistently selecting winners. Betting in a calm, confident manner. Reaping the benefits of your know how and expertise. Enjoying the excitement and glamour of the track.

And it's all tax free.

What a lifestyle! Just what many people dream of...and it is attainable!

But perhaps you just want to know more about racing.

More about betting strategies, how to win, or perhaps make a little more money to back up your current income.

No one can blame you for that.

The restructured workplace. Uncertainty in traditional career paths. Economic recessed business opportunities.

It all makes it necessary for many to seek out new skills. And new ways to create income.

And this Course is one of them.

The Course has been structured to provide you with:

  • the knowledge, skills and techniques to analyse races and performances.
  • the skills and expertise to select winning horses.
  • a thorough understanding of form factors and betting methods.
  • a practical application of professional betting techniques.
  • a professional, businesslike approach to making money from racing.

By completing the course you will gain the knowledge necessary to achieve these objectives.

You will have these skills for the rest of your life.

You will be able to read a formguide expertly, know which races are best to bet on and how to look for value in the betting market.

You will identify false favourites and horses that are outclassed.

You will know immediately which horses can handle the distance and which horse will set the pace.

Although designed with the less experienced punter in mind, with this course, the Australian College of Professional Betting and Selecting has created a unique opportunity for anyone to acquire the skills of the professional punter.

So embark on an exciting and satisfying adventure in the world of horse racing.

An adventure that could be one of the most profitable you will ever undertake.

Think of the pleasure you will have from winning consistently.

And the exciting changes success will bring to your lifestyle.

Think of the personal satisfaction and financial rewards you could gain from a career in such a high profile industry. New respect and admiration from your friends.

They will soon recognise your ability as a professional and seek out your opinion and advice on betting.

Never again will you need to rely on selections made by other people or use systems devised by somebody else. The Racing and Betting Course will give you complete control over your betting.

Click here for the Racing and Betting Course